Apr 22 2016

News About “The Siege”

EQMDEC2015Late last year, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine published my story “The Siege.” It was a noir-infused tale about about a woman who seems to have everything… but her relationship with her husband began as an adulterous affair, and when she finds evidence that he’s up to his old tricks, her world starts to fall apart. I’m delighted to announce that “The Siege” is a finalist for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story from the Crime Writers of Canada. There are many great stories published every year, so it’s a true honor to have one of mine singled out for recognition. Here’s the complete list of nominees in all categories. Congrats to all!

arthur-200PS to my non-Canadian friends: In case you’re thinking that you need to check out Arthur Ellis’s work, NO. “Arthur Ellis” was the hangman’s pseudonym back in the days when Canada still had capital punishment. If you’re wondering what the award looks like, that’s it on the left. My people have a wonderfully twisted sense of humor.


Apr 20 2016


Unloaded cover

I’m thrilled to say that UNLOADED: CRIME WRITERS WRITING WITHOUT GUNS is out now from Down & Out Books. The official release:

Proceeds from the sales of UNLOADED will benefit the nonprofit States United To Prevent Gun Violence

For the first time, more than two dozen crime and mystery authors have joined together to use the strongest weapon at their disposal — words — in a call for reasonable gun control in the U.S.A. In this collection you get all the thrills and excitement you come to expect from a great crime story, but without any guns.

From best sellers and writing legends to the brightest stars of the next generation of crime writers, the twenty-five authors here have taken pen in hand to say enough is enough. Gun violence has got to stop and this is our way of speaking out — by showing that gun violence can be removed from the narrative, and maybe from our lives.

It’s not anti-gun, it’s pro-sanity. And above anything else, these are thrilling crime stories that will surprise and shock, thrill and chill — all without a gun in sight.

The writers are from both sides of the political aisle and many of the authors are gun owners themselves. But everyone felt it was time to speak out. Featuring the talents of J.L. Abramo , Patricia Abbott, Trey R. Barker, Eric Beetner, Alec Cizak, Joe Clifford, Reed Farrel Coleman, Angel Luis Colón, Hilary Davidson, Paul J. Garth, Alison Gaylin, Kent Gowran, Rob Hart, Jeffery Hess, Grant Jerkins, Joe R. Lansdale, S.W. Lauden, Tim O’Mara, Joyce Carol Oates, Tom Pitts, Thomas Pluck, Keith Rawson, Kelli Stanley, Ryan Sayles, and Holly West.

UNLOADED is available in print and as an eBook; buy it from Amazon, Nook, KoboIndieBound, or at your favorite independent bookstore. If you’re in New York, come to the launch party at the Mysterious Bookshop on Wednesday, May 4th!

Mar 28 2016

Publishers Weekly Weighs in on UNLOADED

PW on Unloaded

If you know me, you know that I don’t have a lot a gun violence in my books and short stories. That’s not to say there isn’t violence, but I like to come up with creative ways of killing people. When my friend Eric Beetner asked me to contribute a story to UNLOADED: CRIME WRITERS WRITING WITHOUT GUNS, I said yes immediately. The collection will be out next month, and Publishers Weekly has given it a terrific review. I’m excited that my piece was one of the stories singled out for praise in the review: “Hilary Davidson’s ‘Swan Song’ is filled with snappy dialogue and provides a disturbing look at the seamy side of the movie business.” Thanks to Eric and to Down & Out Books for doing such a great job with this collection!

Feb 16 2016

Where to Find Me at Left Coast Crime


Left Coast Crime is always a terrific conference, but this year’s promises to be spectacular. The Great Cactus Caper starts next Thursday in Phoenix, and the schedule is packed. Will you be there? Here’s where to find me:

Friday, February 26, 2016

9:30-10:30am: I’m on the panel “Plot Digging: The Challenge of Research” with Alan Russell, Jeri Westerson, Marty Wingate, and moderator Leslie Blatt. I’ve done some weird things in the name of research, so I’m excited to be able to talk about them. We’re in the Ellis East Room and we’ll be signing books afterwards in the Atrium from 10:30 to 11am.

5:30-6:30pm: The Crime Writers of Canada is having a cocktail party and I’m one of the hosts. Come by for the drinks and snacks, stay for the prizes! (Hint: we’re going to be playing a game where you may have to wrestle a secret out of me…)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

1:30-2:30pm: Heaven help me, I’m one of the victims people featured at the event “Fan Guest of Honor Chantelle Aimée Osman Presents The Match Game” in the Regency Ballroom. I’m in good company, alongside S.W. Lauden, Glen Erik Hamilton, Lesa Holstine, and Janet Rudolph. I have a feeling we’re going to get pretty silly (though hopefully not as silly as we got last year at Gar Anthony Haywood’s Torture Fest… I mean the “Been There, Wrote That Game Show.” I’ll get you back one day, Gar!). I guarantee this will be a blast.

7pm-9pm: At the Left Coast Crime Banquet, I’ll be co-hosting a table with my close friend Chris Holm, who is up for a Lefty Award for THE KILLING KIND. You can sign up to hang out with us when you pick up your registration kit!

Jan 14 2016

From Your At-Large Director

MWA badge

Four years ago this week, I joined the National Board of the Mystery Writers of America as an At-Large Director. (An aside: that’s the best title ever. I’ve never been able to hear it without thinking “criminal at large.”) Saturday marks the last day of my reign tenure, with the new board being sworn in. (MWA bylaws have term limits, so even though some members serve on the board for years, you can never serve more than two consecutive two-year terms.) It’s been an incredible experience. Don’t get me wrong: this is a hard-working board, so there have been times I cursed the fact I had reports to write and votes to cast and debates about, well, everything. But, looking back, I can absolutely say it was worth it. If you’re not a member of MWA, I hope you’ll consider joining. And if they ask you the serve on the board… well, think about it! Thanks to everyone on the board for making the past four years such a pleasure.

Dec 8 2015

Cruel Yule


Searching for a gift for the naughtiest person on your holiday list? Look no further: Thuglit’s CRUEL YULE is here. This collection contains eleven dark, disturbing stories by a crew of Thuglit veterans, including Johnny Shaw, Rob Hart, Jordan Harper, Thomas Pluck, Angel Luis Colón, Jen Conley, Ed Kurtz, Terrence McCauley, and Justin Porter. There’s even a twisted tale by Big Daddy Thug himself (that would be the amazing Todd Robinson, who also edited this collection). My contribution is “Mistletoe,” which opens like this:

“Well, isn’t this an interesting situation,” Ian said.

Sadie turned around and saw her boss standing at the edge of the doorway, smirking at her. The memo about the office holiday party had demanded the wearing of Christmas sweaters, the uglier the better. Ian’s was a red-and-green number featuring one reindeer mounting another from behind.

“What situation?” she asked.

He pointed with his index finger and she followed his gaze upwards. Suspended above the archway was a green sprig of mistletoe. Its red berries loomed like warning lights. Danger, they said. Middle-aged creeper alert.

“That wasn’t there a minute ago,” Sadie said.

“Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there,” Ian smirked. “You just walked through this doorway and right underneath it. Now you have to kiss me.”

“Guess again.”

“Rules are rules. You got caught under the mistletoe with me.” Ian moved towards her. “You don’t have a choice.”

Sadie tried to push her way back through the doorway, but Ian grabbed her arm. She was a petite girl, five-five in her highest heels. All the running she did made her strong and lean, but it didn’t compensate for a man having more than a hundred pounds on her.

“Let go.” She tried to shake him off, but he was dug in like a tick. “Cut it out. This isn’t funny.”

“It’s pretty funny from where I stand.” Ian grinned at her. “Because there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Spoiler alert: things only go downhill from there. Grab your copy of CRUEL YULE now!

PS If you’re in New York on Wednesday, December 9th, come to the CRUEL YULE launch party at The Mysterious Bookshop. The mayhem will start at 6:30. All welcome!

Nov 19 2015

Lily Moore Loves France (and So Do I)


I’ve written before about what a warm, wonderful welcome French readers have given Lily Moore. The first book in the series, Le Mal Que Tu M’as Fait (The Damage Done), was a hit, and I was honored to learn that Editions Télémaque, my French publisher, was promoting the second novel as one of their books of the season. La Dernière Chute (The Next One to Fall) is out this month (with an incredibly beautiful cover that Lily would appreciate). Once again, the Editions Télémaque team has excelled in every way. Merci et bisous à tous!

Nov 17 2015

News About Deadly Ink 2016

Deadly Ink 2016

It feels really early to start promoting the next Deadly Ink, since New Jersey’s excellent crime conference is scheduled for next August. But Reed Farrel Coleman will be the Guest of Honor and I’ll be the Toastmaster, so you should mark August 5th-7th, 2016, in your calendar now! If you’re on Twitter follow @deadlyink for updates. This is going to be great.

Oct 29 2015

“The Siege” in Ellery Queen


It’s always an honor to appear in the pages of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine — and I’m over the moon about having my name on the cover of the December 2015 issue. My story “The Siege” is about a woman who seems to have everything. But her relationship with her husband began as an adulterous affair, and when she finds evidence that he’s up to his old tricks, her world starts to fall apart. Here’s how the story begins:

The red thong in my bed wasn’t mine. It was curled up like a newborn rodent at the foot of the mattress, a lump with a tawdry tale to tell waiting for me when I came home from the Canyon Ranch spa in Arizona. When I found it, my six-month-old daughter, Sammie, was wailing from her crib. A cry threatened to burst out of my chest. I’d been away from home for a week, battling baby weight that wouldn’t budge, and my husband was already having an affair.

I picked up the thong, holding it at arm’s length for examination. The label was Victoria’s Secret, and the size was extra-small. My husband always liked his girls petite. I knew that before I met him, back when I’d targeted him and plotted to meet him. Tony Salazar had that reputation. Everyone knew it.

Without thinking, I reached for a pair of scissors in my dresser and snipped the cheap lace into tiny bits. That little creature who’d crawled into my bed when I was away wasn’t coming back, not if she wanted to live.

“Genie!” I shouted.

My maid appeared in the doorway a minute later. “Yes, Mrs. Salazar?” She gasped and her hand went to her chest. “Did you cut yourself?”

I looked down. The crimson dots of fabric looked like blood splatter on my white carpet. “No!” I dropped the scissors on the bed. “Who’s been in the house while I was away?”

Genie paled a little. “I don’t think…”

“Who’s been in here?”

Genie gulped. “No one I know of, Mrs. Salazar.”

“I know someone else has been here!”

Her eyes were wide and fearful. “Not while I’ve been here, Mrs. Salazar.”

That was the maid’s way around it, of course. She was in the house from early in the morning until late at night, and she had a room in the house because she sometimes stayed overnight, but she didn’t actually live with us. She shared an apartment with her elderly mother miles away in downtown Los Angeles. I knew from Genie’s reaction that something was wrong, but I wouldn’t be able to get it out of her at that moment. She’d worked for my husband for years, and her loyalty was to Tony.

“Clean up this mess,” I said.

I brushed past her and walked down the hall. There was no point questioning Genie about the thong. It wasn’t likely that Tony brought a girl over during the day. Whatever assignation he’d had had been at night, after the maid was gone. But there was someone else in the house who’d know if there’d been a secret guest.

If you want to read more, the December issue of Ellery Queen is on newsstands now!



Oct 19 2015

Time for an eBook Sale!


A couple of years ago, I released a collection of short stories. THE BLACK WIDOW CLUB: NINE TALES OF OBSESSION AND MURDER has had an amazing reception, earning raves from Mystery Scene Magazine and other crime-fiction reviewers. With Halloween just around the corner, it seemed like a great time to put the eBook on sale, with its usual price of $2.99 slashed to just 99 cents. It’s available on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook.

Tempted? Here’s what you’ll find inside (cribbed from the jacket copy):

Obsession. Betrayal. Rage. Paranoia. Lust. Revenge. Murder. Anthony Award–winning author Hilary Davidson’s short stories invariably lead to dark places.

In “Stepmonster,” a jilted wife learns that the younger woman who stole her husband may be on the prowl again. In “Son of So Many Tears,” the mother of a criminal discovers the carnage left behind by her son. In “Anniversary,” a man prepares a very special meal for the girl of his dreams. In “Beast,” a wedding-obsessed woman refuses to accept a bad breakup. In “Undying Love,” a dead man with a fading memory tries to piece together the mystery of his own murder. In “Insatiable,” a wealthy old man watches his beautiful wife seduce a new lover. In “Fetish,” a father’s terror about the sick, twisted world his daughter inhabits leads him to take some terrible measures to save her. In “The Other Man,” a bar owner realizes his adulterous days may be numbered when a cuckolded husband starts stalking him. And in the title story, “The Black Widow Club,” a young mother discovers that murder may be a family tradition.

I hope you’ll read the collection… just not before bed! The sale ends on November 7th.