Out Now: The Swamp Killers

Things are changing rapidly these days because of COVID-19. Tonight, New York closed its restaurants (except for takeout and delivery), bars, and gyms. Museums were shut down last week. Fortunately, books never expire, and they’re great company in a quarantine. I’m thrilled to say that THE SWAMP KILLERS: A NOVEL IN STORIES is out today from Down & Out Books!

Edited by E.A. Aymar and Sarah M. Chen — the same dynamic duo that brought you THE NIGHT OF THE FLOOD in 2017 — it’s not a sequel, but chance to bring a band of reprobates together for a new mission. I’m in the book with my story “Cockroach,” along with Alex Dolan, Rebecca Drake, Gwen Florio, Elizabeth Heiter, J.J. Hensley, Susi Holliday, Shannon Kirk, Tara Laskowski, Jenny Milchman, Alan Orloff, Tom Sweterlitsch, Art Taylor, and Wendy Tyson. Here’s the premise:

Here’s what we know is true.

Timmy Milici, a low-level hitter with the infamous Atlanta-based Duplass crime family, ran off with Melody Duplass to Jacksonville, Florida. Olivia Duplass, her mother and head of the Duplass family, was incensed, and put a price on Timmy—a hundred thousand for his corpse, but with explicit instructions that her daughter not be harmed.

We know that’s true.

Or, at least, we think we do.

Sixteen writers tell their versions of what happened those fateful days in this gripping novel-in-stories, brought to you from the team behind The Night of the Flood.

Sounds sweet and vicious, doesn’t it? Pick up your copy now!

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