Anthony Award Interviews

When I wrote “My Side of the Matter” for the KILLING MALMON anthology, I never dreamed it would end up as a finalist for an Anthony Award. It was an unusually tricky story to bring to life, for reasons that I talk about in the interviews below. I’m so grateful to Paula Benson and Debra H. Goldstein for taking this year’s Best Short Story finalists on a mini blog tour. Check out these pieces:

The Stiletto Gang: “Meet the 2018 Anthony Short Story Author Nominees!”

Writers Who Kill: “An Interview With the 2018 Anthony Nominated Short Story Authors”

Debra H. Goldstein: “2018 Anthony Awards — Short Stories”

Also you can read all of the finalists’ stories online. Here’s a direct link to “My Side of the Matter,” courtesy of Down & Out Books:

Read “My Side of the Matter” for free

At Bouchercon, the Best Short Story nominees have a panel together on Friday, September 7th, at 1pm. I’ll be posting my complete (crazy) conference schedule in the next couple of days. Hope to see you in St. Pete’s!

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