News About “The Siege”

EQMDEC2015Late last year, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine published my story “The Siege.” It was a noir-infused tale about about a woman who seems to have everything… but her relationship with her husband began as an adulterous affair, and when she finds evidence that he’s up to his old tricks, her world starts to fall apart. I’m delighted to announce that “The Siege” is a finalist for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story from the Crime Writers of Canada. There are many great stories published every year, so it’s a true honor to have one of mine singled out for recognition. Here’s the complete list of nominees in all categories. Congrats to all!

arthur-200PS to my non-Canadian friends: In case you’re thinking that you need to check out Arthur Ellis’s work, NO. “Arthur Ellis” was the hangman’s pseudonym back in the days when Canada still had capital punishment. If you’re wondering what the award looks like, that’s it on the left. My people have a wonderfully twisted sense of humor.


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