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blood always tells cvrThree weeks from today is launch day for BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS. If you’re curious about my first standalone novel — and I really, really hope you are — you can download a free eleven-chapter excerpt from iBooks right now. You read that right: not eleven pages, but eleven chapters. At that point, I’m hoping you’ll be hooked and putting the book down won’t be an option! (Remember, if you pre-order the book on iBooks or elsewhere, you’ll be entered in the pre-order contest. Details here.)

In other news, I’m thrilled to say that BLOOD’s latest rave review is from Quill & Quire:

The many intersecting plot threads involving a family fortune, a missing child, and multiple secrets could easily have become a tangled mess. Fortunately, Davidson knows how to handle a complicated story and also keep her reader turning the pages. Motivation, history, and plot twists are meted out in the novel’s short, punchy chapters, building suspense and escalating the thrills quickly but logically. As the stakes of the novel change, Davidson shifts the point of view, pairing the reader with the character who has the most to learn, the most to gain, or the most to lose… With its many curves and revelations, Blood Always Tells manages to surprise as well as thrill. Even the most minor-seeming detail pays off. In the dedication, Davidson writes, “If you’re going to sin, sin big.” The sin for the reader would be missing out on this well-crafted mystery.

I’m linking to the full review because Q&Q manages to write in great depth about the novel without giving away spoilers. That isn’t easy with a book this twisted!

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