One Week Away


Last week, I posted the cover of my upcoming short story collection, THE BLACK WIDOW CLUB. This week, I’m reposting it, because I made one change to the book (and to its cover): there are now nine stories, instead of eight. The eBook will be released on Tuesday, July 23, 2013. Here’s the jacket copy (can I still call it that when the book doesn’t have a jacket?):

Obsession. Betrayal. Rage. Paranoia. Lust. Jealousy. Murder. Hilary Davidson’s short stories invariably lead to very dark places.

In “Stepmonster,” a jilted wife learns that the younger woman who stole her husband may be on the prowl again. In “Son of So Many Tears,” the mother of a criminal discovers the carnage left behind by her son. In “Anniversary,” a man prepares a very special meal for the girl of his dreams. In “Beast,” a wedding-obsessed woman refuses to accept a bad breakup. In “Undying Love,” a dead man with a fading memory tries to piece together the mystery of his own murder. In “Insatiable,” a wealthy old man watches his beautiful wife seduce a new lover. In “Fetish,” a father’s terror about the sick, twisted world his daughter inhabits leads him to take some terrible measures to save her. In “The Other Man,” a bar owner realizes his adulterous days may be numbered when a cuckolded husband starts stalking him. And in the title story, “The Black Widow Club,” a young mother discovers that murder may be a family tradition.

Read The Black Widow Club: Nine Tales of Obsession and Murder at your own risk.

Coming soon to an eBook retailer near you — and that includes all of my favorite independent booksellers who sell eBooks!

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