Le Mal Que Tu M’as Fait

684827In case you haven’t guessed already, Le mal que tu m’as fait is The Damage Done in French. (A literal translation would be, ‘The evil you have done to me.’) This is a special advance edition of the novel — with a handwritten dedication by me — exclusively available for the France Loisirs book club right now. (France Loisirs is the largest book club in Europe). Later on, the book will go into wide release in France, published by Editions Télémaque.

I love the cover — it’s like seeing another Fringe alt-universe version. Back when I was suggesting possible cover images for The Damage Done to the design team at Tor/Forge, I included a body in a bathtub. I’m pretty sure I was inspired by a Sophie Hannah book, The Wrong Mother. I didn’t have any input into this cover, so I’m thrilled that someone French team had the same idea.

If you’d like to read an excerpt of Le mal que tu m’as fait, it’s available on the France Loisirs website. “C’est en voyant le ruban jaune de scène de crime sur la porte que je compris que ma sÅ“ur était morte…”

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