Left Coast Crime 2013

What a whirlwind! Left Coast Crime started in Colorado Springs last Thursday, and it’s been crazy. Where do I begin…


The view from my room at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. Words fail me.

IMG_5444The social media panel (L to R): Patricia Stoltey (grabbed by a fan who wouldn’t let her be in the picture), Janet Rudolph, Jen Forbus, me, Kiffer Brown, and Maddee James.

IMG_5447Hanging out with Jen Forbus.

IMG_5454Dinner at MacKenzie’s Chop House with a fantastic group of people. So grateful to Sandra Brannan and her husband, Joel, for a wonderful night!

IMG_5456The “Foreign Affairs” panel: G.M. Malliet, Ragnar Jonasson, Edith McClintock, Catriona McPherson, me, and Lourdes Venard.

IMG_0037At the awards banquet with Brad Parks and Chantelle Aimee Osman.

IMG_5487With newlywed Twist Phelan, who got married in Denver the day before Left Coast Crime began.

IMG_5486Award winners Rochelle Stab (who won the Watson) and Brad Parks (who scored the Lefty).

IMG_0042My fellow Criminal Mind Catriona McPherson with her Bruce Alexander Award.

IMG_5485Look what Brad Parks does when you give him an award. Bet Rochelle and Catriona were better behaved…

IMG_5489At the bar after the awards with Jess Lourey, Elle Lothlorien, and Dan (my surprise guest at LCC!).

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