The 2013 Tucson Festival of Books — in Pictures

I spent this past weekend at the Tucson Festival of Books, and in spite of the rainy, chilly weather on Saturday, I had a fantastic time. Here’s why!


Hanging out with J.A. Jance at the Mostly Books booth. Realized that I first read one of her books in high school. She was so lovely to talk to.


I wasn’t the only Canuck who snuck into the festival — that’s Canadian YA author Joanne Levy on the left. Sweet Tricia from Mostly Books doesn’t seem to mind that she’s surrounded…

IMG_5266With wonderful Susan Friese, a festival volunteer. Not only did she pick me up at the airport when I arrived, but she came to one of my Saturday panels and bought my books! So glad I got to meet her.


Somehow I forgot to get a photo of my “Strong Sense of Place” panel on Saturday morning with Andy Gross, Donis Casey, and Michael McGarrity. Didn’t make that mistake again, though. With my “Other Cultures, Other Crimes” co-panelists Simon Wood, Alan Jacobson, and Donis Casey. They were terrific.


Last year, my friend Peggy Bendel told me I had to come to Tucson for the festival, and I did. This year, she said, “Next time, you have to bring Dan!” That sounds like a great idea…


Hanging out at the Sisters in Crime booth with Travis Richardson and Teresa Wong. I knew I was going to see them in Los Angeles this week, but this was a wonderful surprise!


At Gentle Ben’s for the author reception with Andy Gross, Daniel Palmer, Michael Palmer, and Chantelle Osman.


Reception was followed by Chantelle’s birthday dinner at Maynard’s, a fantastic restaurant that happens to be across the street from the Congress Hotel, where John Dillinger was gunned down.


Almost didn’t include this shot (could I be any squintier?), but one of the highlights of my TFOB weekend was meeting Isaac Kirkman. (Thank you, Joe Clifford, for introducing us online!)


At the Poisoned Pen booth with Kim Fay and Susan Vreeland. One of the best things about the TFOB was meeting awesome new-to-me authors. (BTW, Kim’s debut novel, The Map of Lost Memories, is up for an Edgar Award!)


Finally met Mysterious Galaxy’s fabulous Maryelizabeth Hart in person!


At the Clues Unlimited booth with Elizabeth Gunn and Donis Casey. Can you tell we’re having fun? We spent most of the time laughing.

IMG_5285Talk about saving the best for last. The “Strong Female Sleuths” panel on Sunday afternoon was hilarious, thanks to Jenn McKinlay, moderator Simon Wood, and Becky Masterman.


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