Under the Wire

Today, I handed in the new manuscript to my amazing Forge editor, Paul Stevens. The book is called THE NEXT ONE TO FALL, and it’s hard to describe how excited I am about it right now. Forget the fact that, a couple of weeks before it was due, I tore out the opening 12 chapters and rewrote them. That’s water under the bridge now. The book is set in Peru: Machu Picchu (and Aguas Calientes, the depressing town at the base of the mountain), Cusco (the ancient Inca capital), and Lima (known in its 16th-18th century glory days as the City of Kings, as it was the capital of the Spanish Viceroyalty in the New World). I won’t tell you more about it now, except to say that the book will be available in October 2011. And—for readers of THE DAMAGE DONE—it features two characters from that book: Lily Moore and Jesse Robb.

PS Enjoy the llama. Closer to the pub date, I’ll be posting an album of my Peru photos. I am not exaggerating when I say that it’s the most beautiful country I’ve seen in all of my travels.

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