The Newest Criminal Mind

This feels very meta, to use my existing crime blog to share the news that I’ve joined another crime blog. In this case, the 7 Criminal Minds gang made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. (Seriously — it involved cocktails.) So I’ll be blogging over there every other Sunday. My first post went up today. If you haven’t checked out 7 Criminal Minds before, it’s a virtual panel, with a new question every seven days and a different writer answering each day. Altogether, there are actually 14 criminal minds regularly contributing to the blog — including my talented friends Rebecca Cantrell, Kelli Stanley, Joshua Corin, Meredith Cole, and Bill Cameron. Please drop by when you can.

This changes nothing at Dark Voyage. I’ll still be lavishing the same erratic attention on this blog that I always do. I don’t mean to neglect it, you know, it’s just that I get caught up in other things. For instance, this Wednesday, December 1st, my second novel goes to my editor as Forge. It’s called THE NEXT ONE TO FALL, and it was pretty much ready to go until three weeks ago. That was when I ripped out the first 12 chapters and started rewriting. How will it all turn out? I’ll let you know on December 1st.

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