A Noir Education

After giving THE DAMAGE DONE a stellar review last week, Jen Forbus of Jen’s Book Thoughts was kind enough to ask me to guest blog for her. In “A Noir Education,” now up on her site, I write about my maternal grandmother, who turned me on to mystery novels and noir films. She was a tremendous influence on me in so many ways, and I’m thrilled to share a little bit about her and her influence on THE DAMAGE DONE. She died almost 12 years ago, but she’s in my thoughts every day. (The photo at right is of my mother and grandmother on my parents’ wedding day.)

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  • Kathleen A. Ryan Says:

    What a gorgeous bride and mother-of-the-bride; thanks for sharing this lovely photo with us. I enjoyed reading your post at Jen’s Book Thoughts. I always love learning the story behind the story. I’ve been reading the excerpt at Amazon, and I can’t stop reading! I’m going to devour THE DAMAGE DONE when I get my own copy 🙂

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