“Family Man” Gets a New Home at A Twist of Noir

In March 2009, I had the good fortune to have a short story, “Family Man,” published in Crimespree Magazine. Most of my stories have been published online, but “Family Man” was only seen in print by Crimespree readers… until now. Christopher Grant, editor of A Twist of Noir, agreed to republish my twisted tale about a doting father and devoted boyfriend. Here’s how it begins.

“Open your eyes now,” Gary said, staring at his girlfriend’s face beside his in the hallway mirror. Mila’s plump pink mouth twitched before she opened her eyes. Gary watched as her gaze trailed down to her breastbone, where a pendant of white gold hung from a delicate chain.

“Look, it twinkles in the light,” he said. His broad hands were on her shoulders and he moved her forward and back, gently, grinning at her all the while. “Diamonds.”

“Diamonds,” Mila repeated, staring at the necklace.

“Don’t you think it’s beautiful? Not beautiful like you are, but hell. Nothing’s that beautiful.” He leaned in and kissed the fine blonde hair at her temple. “C’mon, Mila, say you like it, okay?”

“I like it okay.” She avoided his eyes.

“Look at this, you can make the chain longer.” He unhooked the lobster clasp with his squared-off fingertips and moved it along a few links. Mila was wearing a plain black T-shirt, but Gary pictured the pendant swinging into her cleavage. “You look so hot, baby,” he said, putting his arms around her and nuzzling her neck.

“Not… not in the mood. Not tonight, Gary,” she said, pulling away. Her English wasn’t so good, but that was one phrase she’d learned. It seemed to Gary that she was going to repeat it every time she saw him now.
The complete story is at A Twist of Noir. I’m very grateful to Christopher for giving “Family Man” a new home, and to Jennifer Jordan and Jon Jordan for publishing it in the first place in Crimespree. My thanks to you all.

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