Beat to a Pulp: Round One

I’m so behind on posting that it’s embarrassing, but I have to share two things quickly. One is the absolutely stunning cover of the Beat to a Pulp: Round One anthology. James O’Barr is responsible for the artwork and John Bergin for the cover design; all I can say is that they obviously make an amazing team, because this is a knockout. Check out the names on the cover, too. I was thrilled when David Cranmer asked me to be in the anthology; seeing some of the phenomenal company I’m in is even more exciting. Stay tuned for the release date… or visit David’s blog, since he’s a more reliable correspondent.

Also, late this past Sunday night, I created a Facebook fan page for Beat to a Pulp. I know that I shouldn’t be encouraging anyone to join Facebook (seriously, the ever-evolving privacy policy alone is enough to make me want to cut and run). But if you’ve already signed your soul over to Mark Zuckerberg, come on over to hang out.

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