When Worlds Collide

I have two blogs: that gluten-free one, which has been around for more than two years, and this shiny new one. My aim is to keep their subjects separate, which shouldn’t be hard, since one is about gluten-free food and the other is about crime. How much could they possibly have in common?

More than you’d think, it turns out. Crime writer BV Lawson is also on a gluten-free diet, and she gave me a great interview that went up on the Gluten-Free Guidebook yesterday. That got me thinking about how much crossover there is between the two worlds. Several crime writers — Laura K. Curtis, Kathy Ryan and Chris La Tray immediately come to mind — have sent me information about gluten-free restaurants, recipes, and health news. Janet Rudolph, who runs a criminal enterprise that includes Mystery Readers Journal and the Dying for Chocolate blog, frequently publishes great gluten-free recipes. On the other side of the equation, it turns out that some of my gluten-free friends are crime-fiction fiends. Who knew?

A year ago, when I started using Twitter, a friend in media advised me to set up two or even three accounts. Her reasoning was that since I write about such a variety of topics, each would get a very different audience. I considered her suggestion but doubted my ability to keep up more than one account. Now I’m glad I didn’t. I love that disparate crowds are mingling. If I could invite them all to a cocktail party, I would. Not that any of them would show up… you know why.

5 Responses to “When Worlds Collide”

  • Janet Rudolph Says:

    Yes, our worlds collide. Thanks for mentioning so many folks who “cross-over” including me.

  • Chris Says:

    Hilary, I wouldn’t be afraid to show up to your cocktail party. I laugh at death.

  • Laura K Curtis Says:

    May I point out that anti-freeze is gluten free? Just something to think about…

    I would probably be considerably thinner if gluten didn’t agree with me, but, sadly, it does. I just love to cook, and when I see recipes that are appropriate for my gluten-free friends I feel the need to pass them along!

  • Boomergirl Says:

    Crime, gluten-free and travel- now there’s a story.

  • Kathleen A. Ryan Says:

    Such an interesting post, Hilary ~ and thank you for the kind mention. I am a big advocate for information-sharing ~ and as you’ve learned, people have more in common than you think, and you have found some wonderful people who share in your interests (they all have a terrific sense of humor, too! ~ I’m LOL with Laura’s response). It also reveals how generous the crime writing community is!

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