Spinetingler Win for “Insatiable”

Yesterday, I found out that Insatiable won the 2010 Spinetingler Award for Best Short Story. While I’m still more than a little shocked, I am incredibly grateful for all of the support my story has received. The Spinetingler Awards are voted on by the public via electronic ballot, and it’s an honor to have so many mystery, crime, and noir fans pick “Insatiable” as their favorite… especially given the incredible list of other writers nominated in that category. Thank you!

I also want to say a special thanks to David Cranmer and Elaine Ash. They’re the editors of Beat to a Pulp, which published “Insatiable” in September 2009. Less than 24 hours after I submitted the story for their consideration, David shot back an emphatic Yes. Not only did they publish the story, but David interviewed me for his blog as well. David and Elaine have been wonderful supporters of my work — as they’ve been for many other writers — and I’m grateful that they gave “Insatiable” such a good home. David’s incredibly kind post about the Spinetingler Award was a sweet reminder of how lovely they are to work with.

There are a few other people who need to be mentioned, too. One is Keith Rawson, who reviewed my story for his “Short Thoughts on Short Fiction” column in the BSC Review. Keith’s enthusiastic comments brought “Insatiable” a great deal of notice, and made a wider audience take note of the story. Another is Sandra Seamans, who named “Insatiable” one of the Top 10 stories she’d read in 2009. (Sandra’s own wonderful “Survival Instincts” was nominated for a Spinetingler Award, too.) Also, a special shout-out to my friend Kathy Ryan, who strong-armed countless people into reading “Insatiable” (she’s an ex-cop and she’s fierce!). A huge, heartfelt thanks to all of you.

6 Responses to “Spinetingler Win for “Insatiable””

  • Kathleen A. Ryan Says:

    Many heartfelt congratulations, dear friend ~ you deserve it! It was absolutely my pleasure to spread the word about such a brilliantly-written, chilling tale (and I didn’t have to resort to weapons, honest!). Your talent is quite evident. I know that I’m on the same page as Keith, David, Elaine, and Sandra, and so many other fans ~ we all think the world of you, Hilary. We all look forward to THE DAMAGE DONE and all of your forthcoming work!

  • Chris Says:

    Huge congrats! “Insatiable” is a hell of a story, and deserves every ounce of recognition it’s gotten.

  • Paul D. Brazill Says:

    Congratulations H! A well deserved win!

  • sandra seamans Says:

    Insatiable was one of those stories that just sticks with you, Hilary. Excellent story! Congratulations!!

  • sophie littlefield Says:

    so sorry it took me so long – but HUGE congratulations to you darlin!!

  • David Says:

    You’re a pleasure to work with. And thank you for making us look so good with two marvelous stories.

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