Paperback Release Day for The Damage Done

It’s hard to believe it’s actually here, but THE DAMAGE DONE is now available in mass-market paperback! I saw it for the first time last Friday (when a box of books was delivered to my apartment and then, later in the day, on the mystery-section shelves at the Barnes & Noble in NYC’s Union Square), and I still want to jump up and down when I look at it. Forge’s amazing art department has given the book a redesigned cover, which I adore. My friend Chris F. Holm described it as my Fringe alt-universe cover, which I think sums it up perfectly. It represents the book just as beautifully as the original cover did, yet it gives it a slightly different feel.

I’m especially thrilled to have the book out in mass-market paperback, because that’s the format I grew up reading. If my family bought a book in hardcover when I was a teenager, it was probably a textbook. I bought mass-market paperbacks, and I took them everywhere with me. If you’ve been waiting to pick up THE DAMAGE DONE, I hope you’ll read it now. Keep in mind, six weeks from today the sequel, THE NEXT ONE TO FALL, will be released!

The paperback is available from every vendor who carried the hardcover. That means independent mystery booksellers across North America, as well as Macmillan, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, Powell’s, and — in Canada — Indigo/Chapters.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported the release of the hardcover, whether by reviewing the book, buying a copy, or pushing it on all of your friends as a “gift” (I know some of you did that last one, and you get an extra-special thank you with a big hug). Without you, there wouldn’t be a paperback.

UPDATE: To say thanks for all the love that THE DAMAGE DONE has received, I’m giving some books away on GoodReads. Five paperback copies of the book are up for grabs in Canada and the US!

UPDATE 01/04/12: The amazing Jen Forbus has posted a video interview she did with me while I was visiting Pittsburgh and the Mystery Lovers Bookshop. Here’s Part One. Part Two coming soon!

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  • John Davidson Says:

    The cover is lovlier with the Anthony Award

    on it but the wonderfully crafted story inside

    is the real treat. Great work Hilary!

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