Aug 17 2021

16,000 and Counting

Cover image of the novel HER LAST BREATHI was going to post something when Her Last Breath reached 13,000 customer reviews on Amazon. But it quickly started climbing to 14,000, and then I was away visiting family when it hit 15,000. I can’t keep up with my own book! I’m beyond grateful for all of the love it has received. My deepest thanks to everyone who has read the book and recommended it to others.

If you haven’t read Her Last Breath yet, I hope you’ll pick it up soon. Want a signed copy? The Poisoned Pen (in the US) and Ben McNally Books (in Canada) have you covered. Want a copy personalized? Contact Kew & Willow Books. For regular orders, check out Amazon, Angus & Robertson, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo, IndieboundTarget, & Waterstones. If your local library doesn’t have the book yet, ask them to order it. And thanks for reading!

Jul 14 2021

Entertainment Weekly News!

This caught me by surprise. I love Wendy Walker, and when I asked her to take an early read of Her Last Breath (with an eye to blurbing it if she liked it), she graciously agreed. But I never imagined I’d see her recommending the book in the pages of Entertainment Weekly! From Wendy:

Her Last Breathsimply has it all. A page-turning plot, damaged, complex characters you can’t help but root for, and a truly twisty family saga woven throughout. I loved this one by master storyteller Hilary Davidson!

It’s impossible to wrap my elation into words, but I’m so very grateful.

Jul 1 2021

Today’s the Day for Her Last Breath!


Welcome to the world, HER LAST BREATH!

There’s nothing quite like publication day. It’s Christmas and your birthday rolled into one, but with plenty of anxiety mixed in, because you worry about how your book will fare in the world. HER LAST BREATH had the good fortune to be picked for Amazon’s First Reads program in June, and if you take a look now, it has 7,900+ reviews. I am speechless.

Well, maybe not entirely speechless. My launch event with the Poisoned Pen last night was fantastic, and you can check it out for yourself (and order a signed book from the store—those are rare these days!). I did an Instagram Live interview with my friend and author Vanessa Lillie. If you’d like to hear me talk even more, there’s a new Speaking of Mysteries podcast, which has Nancie Clare interviewing me.

HER LAST BREATH is now available everywhere books are sold, including Amazon, Angus & Robertson, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo, Indiebound (for independent booksellers), Target, & Waterstones. If you’d like a signed copy, please contact the Poisoned Pen or Kew & Willow Books. If you’d like a signed bookplate, just shoot me an email.

Thanks, everyone, for all of your support. I couldn’t do this without you.

Jun 30 2021

The Day Before the Big Day

Tomorrow is HER LAST BREATH‘s release day, and I couldn’t be more excited… or more busy. Somehow, two events I’ve been really looking forward to got scheduled for tonight. In a virtual world, no one knows what day it is, baby!

Official HER LAST BREATH launch with the Poisoned Pen, 7:30pm EDT/4:30pm PDT: Join me for a conversation about my new standalone thriller! Scottsdale’s legendary Poisoned Pen is the only store that I’ve visited (in person or virtually) for all of my books, and it’s an honor to be back with my seventh. Watch via Facebook Live or catch the replay later. If you want a signed hardcover or paperback, the store has you covered!

Instagram Live with Vanessa Lillie, 9pm EDT: Author and friend Vanessa Lillie has started a terrific online series called ‘Twas the Night Before Book Launch, and you can catch me there tonight!

Bonus! Radio Interview with Joy on Paper, July 1st at 11:30am EDT: A live broadcast on release day itself. Host PatZi Gil is great at getting authors to give up their secrets, so tune in!

Jun 28 2021

Virtual Book Tour for Her Last Breath

It’s the HER LAST BREATH virtual book tour!

June 30: Launch event with The Poisoned Pen (Scottsdale), 7:30pm Eastern/4:30 MST

July 7: Murder by the Book (Houston) in conversation with Jeff Abbott & Meg Gardiner, 7pm Eastern/8pm Central

July 8: Ben McNally Books (Toronto) in conversation with Toronto Star Books Editor Deborah Dundas, 7pm Eastern

July 22: Kew & Willow Books (NYC) in conversation with Tracy Clark, Laura McHugh, & Alex Segura, 7pm Eastern

See you soon!

Jun 25 2021

Featured in Parade Magazine!

When you write a book, you never really know how it’s going to turn out. For me that’s true of both the story and how the book lands in the world. That’s why it means so much to have HER LAST BREATH featured in Parade Magazine. Check out the full piece — they have a lot of great summer reading recommendations!

By the way, HER LAST BREATH comes out on July 1st. You’ve preordered a copy, right? Mark your calendar: the launch event is with Scottsdale’s Poisoned Pen at 7:30pm Eastern/4:30 MST on June 30th!

Jun 1 2021

HER LAST BREATH Is an Amazon First Reads Pick!

The cat is out of the bag: Her Last Breath is an Amazon First Reads pick for June!

If you know what First Reads is, you’re already smiling. If not, here’s how it works: Amazon offers readers in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia the opportunity to buy certain books a month before their publication date at a deep discount… and I mean deep. If you have Prime membership, you can download Her Last Breath for FREE on Kindle right now. Without Prime, the Kindle edition is on sale for a mere $1.99; the hardcover edition is also available for $9.99, with or without Prime membership. If you’re in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, grab Her Last Breath while it’s on sale, because the price goes up on July first, the official publication date.

Click here for US

Click here for UK

Click here for Canada

Click here for Australia

May 31 2021

Tune in Tomorrow for First Chapter Fun!

You probably already know Hank Phillippi Ryan and Hannah Mary McKinnon are brilliant writers and wonderful people. But did you know they have been running an amazing series called First Chapter Fun for over a year? Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday to hear them read the first chapters of news and upcoming books. Tomorrow, June 1st, Her Last Breath will be the featured read! Watch live via Facebook or Instagram, or catch the replay. There will be a giveaway!

May 4 2021

The Goodreads Giveaway Is Live!

Hey, are you feeling lucky? Because the Goodreads giveaway of HER LAST BREATH just went live. The book will be published by Thomas & Mercer on July 1st, but this month, you could win one of 100 Kindle copies. Click here to enter!


Mar 30 2021

Available Now: Blood Always Tells

I am thrilled to say my 2014 standalone, BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS, is back in the wild today. It’s been a labor of love bring my first four novels back into print, and I’m so excited to be able to share this one again. Here’s the jacket copy:

Dominique Monaghan just wanted to get even with her two-timing, married boyfriend, a washed-up boxer stuck in a toxic marriage to a dangerously spoiled socialite. However, an elaborate blackmail scheme soon lands her in the middle of an unexpected kidnapping… and attempted murder. But who is actually out to kill whom?

Desmond Edgars, Dominique’s big brother, has looked out for his wayward sister ever since their mother was convicted of murder many years ago, so when he receives a frantic phone call from Dominique in the middle of the night, he drops everything to rush to the rescue. But to find out what has really happened to his sister, the stoic ex-military man must navigate a tangled web of murder and deception, involving a family fortune, a couple of shifty lawyers, and a missing child, while wrestling with his own bloody secrets…

Apple Books selected BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS as one of its 20 Best Books of April 2014. The book got a lot of love from reviewers and other writers:

Blood Always Tells will surprise you at every turn. You think you know what’s going on… until you don’t. Hilary Davidson is the master of plot twists!” — Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author

Blood Always Tells is a story about power and powerlessness, about selfishness and selflessness, about desperate people doing desperate things. Underneath it all, though, it’s also a meditation on fate and free will, on nature and nurture, and on whether it’s possible to overcome genetics and circumstance.” — Criminal Element

“Readers may think they know where Hilary Davidson is going with Blood Always Tells, but they’ll be wrong time and again. Davidson writes thrillers by her own set of rules and the result is a terrific, highly original read” — Gar Anthony Haywood, Shamus Award-winning author

“A heartfelt, energetic story about greed, entitlement and the unbreakable bonds between siblings who never stop believing in each other. Davidson also works in a subtle but effective subtext about racial politics that gives Blood Always Tells an extra boost.” — South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“A tale of revenge and redemption that keeps the reader guessing until the last page.” — Harlan Coben, New York Times bestselling author

I hope you’ll pick up the new edition! BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS is available in paperback from your favorite independent bookstore and from Amazon, and available as an eBook from Apple Books, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook.