Oct 1 2015

Where to Find Me at Bouchercon

Wait, it’s October already? That just doesn’t seem right. I’d be ranting about 2015 passing too quickly if it weren’t for one thing: Bouchercon is just one week away! Are you heading to Raleigh? Here’s where to find me at the convention:

Thursday, October 8th, 5:30pm: The presentation of the 2015 Derringer Awards takes place at Bouchercon’s opening ceremonies. I’ll be receiving my Derringer for Best Long Story for “A Hopeless Case.” Sadly, it is not an actual derringer. (Though it is a gorgeous medallion.)

Friday, October 9th, 3:30pm: I’ll be signing books at the Tor/Forge hospitality suite — and there will be some book giveaways, so be sure to stop by. Last year, the Tor/Forge hospitality suite was my favorite hangout at Bouchercon (not least because of the Author Bingo game). Come by and stay a while!

Saturday, October 10th, 1pm: I’m on the panel “Maintaining Pace in Mystery Narrative” with Laura Benedict, Annette Dashofy, and Rebecca Drake; Monette Michaels will moderate. (It’s at the Sheraton hotel, in Governors Room I) We’ve been chatting in advance and I know this is going to be a lot of fun. Monette was kind enough to ask each panelist to contribute to the “Muse Wednesday” feature on her blog. Here’s my post about my muse; get to know Laura, Annette, and Rebecca through their posts about their influences.


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Sep 25 2015

The Gorgeous German Cover of The Next One to Fall


I have an embarrassing confession to make: when finished copies of my books make their way to my apartment (usually a month before publication), I pet the covers. It’s possible that I have done this while murmuring, “The precioussssss…” Sadly, I don’t (yet) have any physical copies of FALL INS VERDERBEN, the German edition of the second book in the Lily Moore series, THE NEXT ONE TO FALL. But the book is out now, and Egmont Lyx has done a spectacular job with it! I love this rendering of Machu Picchu. If you want to see images from my trip to Peru, featuring all the real-life locations I wrote about in the book, check this out.

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Sep 15 2015

Protectors 2 Is Here!

Protect-heroes-Ingram-coverfront1Hot off the press: PROTECTORS 2: HEROES. Edited by Thomas Pluck, this collection features 55 short stories from the likes of Joyce Carol Oates, Harlan Ellison, Joe Lansdale, David Morrell (yes, the guy who wrote RAMBO), Andrew Vachss, Reed Farrel Coleman, Linda Rodriguez, Martyn Waites, Alex Segura, and a host of talented writers. My contribution, “Sister Cecilia,” is one of the more provocative stories I’ve written. Sales of the collection benefit PROTECT, which fights child abuse. What are you waiting for? Pick up a copy today!


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Sep 8 2015

Scenes From Noir at the Bar


(Left to right: Thomas Pluck, Jen Conley, me, Rob Hart, Todd Robinson, and Alex Segura.)


This past Sunday’s Noir at the Bar was one of the best ever. Only six writers were brave enough to show up at this battle royal, in which writers had to read each others’ work. Did we have fun with it? Hell, yeah. But it all devolved into mayhem by the end of the night…


(Choking the life out of poor Todd… #thuglife)


Thanks to Todd Robinson, Alex Segura, Thomas Pluck, Rob Hart, and Jen Conley for an amazing night, and to everyone who turned out!

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Sep 3 2015

Noir at the Bar Special Edition


When you hit Noir at the Bar, you know what you’re getting into: one hell of a fun night with some gritty crime fiction mixed in. But this Sunday’s Noir at the Bar NYC is going to be a little different. The authors — Todd Robinson, Alex Segura, Rob Hart, Thomas Pluck, Jen Conley, Richie Narvaez, and me — will be reading each other’s work. (Sadly, Terrence McCauley has dropped out of the lineup.) I’ve heard rumors that certain authors (ahem, Mr. Hart) are taking advantage of this fact to put together some especially hair-raising stories. Like the poster says, it’s gonna be a bloodbath. Come join the fun: Sunday, September 6th, from 6pm to 9pm, at Shade (241 Sullivan Street, NYC). All are welcome!


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Aug 13 2015

This Weekend in Scottsdale…


My love of crime-fiction conferences is no secret, so I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I’m honored to be one of the featured authors at the Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths’ annual WriteNow! conference at the gorgeous Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona. The lineup will be incredible: Sara Paretsky will deliver the keynote, and the list of speakers includes Simon Wood, Michael Koryta, Jenny Milchman, Midnight Ink’s Terri Bischoff, Christina Cox, and Deborah Ledford.

I’ll be teaching a seminar on plotting your novel at 11am on Saturday, and I’ll be on panel with Michael, Jenny, Christina, and Deborah at 3pm. Did I mention the action kicks off with a cocktail party on Friday night? I can’t wait.


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Aug 6 2015

A Third French Edition of THE DAMAGE DONE

My debut novel has had a charmed existence in France. Editions Télémaque purchased THE DAMAGE DONE — or LE MAL QUE TU M’AS FAIT, as it’s called in French — and hired an exceptional translator, Véronique Dumont, to create their version. Almost a year before the book’s official release date, the wonderful (and massive) France Loisirs book club picked it up and created a special edition for their members:


Then the official Editions Télémaque edition came out in a trade paperback, with a very different, yet stunning, cover:

Cover Le Mal Que Tu M'as Fait

Now, Editions Télémaque has released LE MAL QUE TU M’AS FAIT as a mass-market paperback — a format near and dear to my heart, because it’s what I grew up reading. The book has its own original, gorgeous cover:


I owe Editions Télémaque and Véronique Dumont tremendous thanks for their work on the book. I’m also grateful to the many francophone reviewers, booksellers, and bloggers who have encouraged people to read it! It’s amazing to see my first book find such a warm reception in its new home.

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Jul 9 2015

Where to Find Me at ThrillerFest

Summer in New York isn’t my favorite season… but one thing I do love about it is Thrillerfest, which starts tonight at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. If you’re attending the conference, I hope you’ll hunt me down to say hello. Here’s where I’ll be:

Friday, July 10, 2015, 9am-9:50am: I’ll be on the panel “Grim, Menacing, or Flirty? The Thriller Tone” with Jenny Milchman (panel master), Cara Brookins, Julia Heaberlin, Shane Kuhn, Brenda Novak, and Thomas Waite. In the Carnegie/Alvin room.

Friday, July 10, 2015, 11:50am-12:15pm: I’ll be signing books at the ThrillerFest bookstore on the third floor of the Grand Hyatt. (Note to friends not registered for ThrillerFest: the temporary bookstore set up by Barnes & Noble is open to the public, so please feel free to drop in!)

Saturday, July 11, 2015, 7pm: I’ll be presenting the ITW award for Best Short Story at the Thriller Awards Banquet.

Sunday, July 12, Staten Island, 5:30pm: Noir at the Bar Staten Island at Flagship Brewery, 40 Minthorne St., Staten Island. To quote from the event flyer: “There will be beer. And books. And some dark and dangerous stories. This is not your knitting club’s literary event. Safety is not guaranteed. Leave the kids and pets at home for this one. Featuring stories by Rob Hart, Josh Bazell, Hilary Davidson, Todd Robinson, Eddie Joyce, and Terrence McCauley.” Free event, open to all. More details here.

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Jul 6 2015

Noir at the Bar Staten Island This Sunday

lrnoir_0Roll out those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer,

Those days of villains, noir fiction and beer…

Okay, maybe those aren’t exactly the lyrics Nat King Cole sang, but if he’d known about Noir at the Bar Staten Island, they would have been. This Sunday, July 12th, at Flagship Brewery, will mark Staten Island’s first-ever Noir at the Bar. The readers will be:

  • Rob Hart, New Yorked
  • Josh Bazell, Beat the Reaper
  • Todd Robinson, The Hard Bounce
  • Eddie Joyce, Small Mercies
  • Terrence McCauley, Sympathy for the Devil
  • And me!

There will be books for sale by Barnes & Noble, and the event is co-hosted by Polis Books.

Flagship Brewery is located at 40 Minthorne St., a short walk (or one train stop) from the Staten Island Ferry. How cool is this place? Read about it in the New York Times.

Festivities start at 5:30 p.m. All are welcome, so please join us. To steal from another Nat King Cole song, this one’s going to be unforgettable!

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Jun 16 2015

KGB Bar Reading This Thursday

If you know me, you know I love reading with other authors. This Thursday, June 18th, I’ll be at KGB Bar with a great group from the New York chapter of the Mystery Writers of America. Come hear Jillian Abbott, Annamaria Alfieri, Tim Hall, C.E. Lawrence, Tim O’Mara, Michael Ransom, Suzanne Solomon, and me telling tales of madness and depravity (you can count on that from me, anyway). MWA-NY chapter president Richie Narvaez will host. KGB Bar is at 85 East Fourth Street, and we’ll be in the Red Room (two flights upstairs). The fun starts at 6:30pm, ends at 8pm, and all are welcome!

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